April 16th Meeting Summary

Freeport Networking Group Meeting
Monday April 16, 2012
Highlights submitted by Diantie Persaud

Randy Shannon, President of Web Strategies organized the meeting in an attempt to get the vibrant business people back together again but this time on Monday nights instead of the usual Friday nights.

On the agenda was election of officers. Randy was elected President, Michael Hirson elected Vice President, Sherri Gillespie elected Secretary and Diandra Murga elected Treasurer.

There are no fees to attend the meetings and no memberships fees as well. The Freeport Library requires a board to hold meetings at its facilities so a board was elected.

We nibbled on snacks provided by Randy and connected with other networkers. We did the usual round of introductions even though most of us knew each other. Those coming out to attend the meeting included:

Sherrie Gillespie of MRG Marketing – all things promotional. Tag line “You Think It, We Ink It”.

Mitchell Barber – Forest Hills Financial Group -Financial Representative. Talk to Mitch so you can sleep well and not worry about protecting your wealth.

Patricia Stack – Oppenheimer – Financial Advisor – Talk to Patricia about setting up a financial plan.

Patrick Hardy – Owner of P Hardy Technologies . Need a Point of Sale System? Patrick will help you decide the best system for your business.

Diantie Persaud CPA – talked about a pitching competition she is running with a $5K cash prize. Want to practice your pitch or compete for grand prize? Speak with Diantie and attend an event.

Martha Gorfein – Event Photographer talked about her specials she will be running in June on headshots. Do you need a professional headshot? Speak to Martha and take advantage of the upcoming specials.

Steven Burstyn – Unfrustrating Accounting will help you to make your lives easy by organizing your files in the “cloud”. Who doesn’t need help with finding their business records and organizing? Steven will help to unfrustrate your accounting so that you can work painlessly with your accountant and bookkeeper and still be in the loop.

David Gussin – 516Ads – As always, David is all about igniting business especially here on Long Island. Not on his e-mail list? Get on it and be informed about upcoming networking events happening on Long Island.

Diandra Murga, Branch Manager Bethpage Federal Credit Union and Marlen Lopez, Assistant Branch Manager both came out to join the group. You can open an account at Bethpage with as little as $5 and there are no bank fees. Bethpage works with the local community and has been a sponsor of many events happening on Long Island.

Jay Brook – Ambit Energy Consultant- Looking to save money on your utilities? Are you looking for residual income? Speak with Jay.

Steven Recht – The Perfect Touch – Window Décor. Steven also consults on window treatments and skylights. Want a motorized control for your skylights? Talk with Steven.

Dr. Bruce Kesten – Chiropractor. Dr. Kesten is also a certified personal trainer too. Do you have an injury or annoying pain that won’t go away? Talk with Dr. Kesten.

andy Shannon - Web Strategies - helping organizations tap the popper of the Internet since 1997. Is your website working four yo? If not, get Web Strategies working for you!

Upcoming events will have presenters and the plan is to keep the meeting within a two hour limit with enough time for networking as well. It was suggested that the presenters provide snacks and that everyone chip in towards the cost.

There was a discussion as to whether the meetings should be held on Mondays or Fridays. The group agreed to give Mondays a try even though there are other events happening on Mondays as well. Fridays was suggested since it does not conflict with the other networking events and in the past, people made an effort to come out even on a Friday night.

Everyone thanked Randy for organizing the meeting and providing the snacks too!

Next Meeting – Tuesday May 15th at 6.00pm at the Freeport Library.